CPE/CPD Points

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is defined as a structured approach to learning in order to ensure competence to practice, keep skills current and gain practical experience.

Most professional organisations require that their members earn a minimum amount of CPD/CPE points per year in order to maintain their standing within the organisation. It is best to contact your professional organisation directly in order to ascertain how many CPD points you will earn by attending our courses.

Why chose training in Upledger CranioSacral Therapy?

Upledger training is only available to current registered health professionals. The courses are concise and assume a large amount of anatomical, physiological and health knowledge.

Upledger Australia is part of Upledger International, and all course instructors have gone through a rigorous apprenticeship. Upledger alumni have access to online forums, study groups and are part of a global educational network.

Upon successful completion of CST1, CST 2 and SER 1, and if recommended by an instructor, students are able to become a certified Upledger Institute teaching assistant.

Experiential Learning

The workshops are primarily experiential and the aim is to encourage and support an objective and compassionate therapeutic approach. The demonstrations and "hands-on" exercises are supported by clear, illustrated lectures which connect up the experiential elements with their functional and symptomatic indications. Each workshop’s syllabus is brought together in a form that can immediately be integrated into your own practice. Those who require greater degrees of technical depth and detail are encouraged to read the textbooks.

Quality Assurance

All course material has been written and organised by Dr John Upledger, who has been recognised worldwide for his research involving cranial techniques and for his subsequent development of CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release. Current teaching formats draw on over 25 years of instruction to groups with widely differing therapeutic approaches and experience.

All courses will be conducted by an Upledger Institute Certified Instructor, an experienced practicing health care professional who has completed the extensive preparation program; some instructors have had the benefit of directly training with Dr Upledger.


For a comprehensive list of the registration standards for Australian Health Practitioners, visit the AHPRA website.

Below is a list of our courses that are presently available for registration and the amount of contact hours at each of these courses.

Three-day Courses: 18 Contact hours towards CPD/CPE Points