CST and Working with Chronic Depletion (CSWCD)

CPD/CPE- 18 Hours

Full Fee $1150inc GST. The Saver Price of $950 is available till the 7th Nov 2019.

This three day course focuses on the patterns and challenges which arise in the craniosacral system from sustained long-term stressors.

When body systems are operating within healthy limits, they have ample resiliency and capacity for self-regulation and health. Traumas, injuries, or stressors tax a body’s resources as it attempts to heal and to regulate. When stressors or traumas are ongoing to a bodily system, however, new difficulties arise. Instead of local compensations and injury responses, the body’s entire system begins losing its capacity and resiliency for health and healing because of the chronic demand on precious bodily resources. In a sense, the body begins demonstrating ongoing patterns of trauma and depletion which create unique challenges to the craniosacral practitioner. The focus of this course is to understand, assess, and design treatments to work with long-term patterned depletion of body resiliency and capacity for change.

Prerequisite: CS2

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