Professional Training


Top 11 Reasons to Choose Upledger CranioSacral Professional Training

1. Upledger training is only available to current registered health professionals. The courses are concise and assume a large amount of anatomical, physiological and health knowledge. This allows for only what is relevant to CST to be taught and for plenty practice

2. Certification is available after completion of CST 1 and 2, on request. This involves both theory an practical skills, confirms title of Craniosacral Therapist which can only be used by those who have been certified.

3. Support for your practice is available locally with Study Groups held in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and in 2014 in Brisbane.

4. Upledger Australia is part of Upledger International, and all course instructors have gone through a rigourous apprenticeship over 2-3 years. Upledger alumni have access to an online forums which are supervised by UI Instructors and teaching assistants.

5. Being part of a global network also allows continuation of course curriculum in any of the countries that have an institute Once you have completed CST1 and 2 and SER 1, and if recommended by an instructor you are also able to become a teaching assistant at any of these institutes world wide. Our students have the backing of all the people, experience and expertise available through our various offices around the world. Each establishment works autonomously to further the work of Dr John Upledger, and we all teach the same workshops. You can attend different workshops in different countries if you so choose.

6. Flexible, Progressive Programme - The programme is arranged in five principal levels, each of which comprises a 4 day intensive workshop. Progression through these levels is at your own pace, providing you allow time between workshops (usually at least three months) to absorb and apply the practical work, further develop your fine palpatory skills, review the course notes and cover required reading. At each workshop you are provided with a comprehensive study guide of the course material with ample space for your own notes. Dr Upledger’s textbooks provide a detailed anatomical, physiological and research background for the workshops, and are required reading. The final essential element of the programme is practice. We do all we can to support and encourage your development at every stage, through networking, and study groups.

7. Learn by experience - The workshops are primarily experiential and the aim is to encourage and support an objective and compassionate therapeutic approach. The demonstrations and "hands-on" exercises are supported by clear, illustrated lectures which connect up the experiential elements with their functional and symptomatic indications. Each workshop’s syllabus is brought together in a form that can immediately be integrated into your own practice. Those who require greater degrees of technical depth and detail are encouraged to read the textbooks.

8. Assurance of Quality - All course material has been written and organised by Dr John Upledger, recognised worldwide for his research involving cranial techniques and for his subsequent development of CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release. Current teaching formats draw on over 25 years of instruction to groups with widely differing therapeutic approaches and experience.

9. Your workshop will be conducted by an Upledger Institute Certified Instructor, an experienced practicing health care professional who has completed the extensive programme of preparation, with some of the advanced instructors having been trained directly with Dr Upledger.

10. Networking Opportunities - Once you have completed a workshop, you will receive a class roster which will help you to form or take part in an existing local network, for information exchange or to further develop your skills. Study groups meet regularly and are organised by experienced practitioners. The Institute’s practitioners are available via facebook UI alumni page or email should help be needed. Evaluation, treatment and advice about individual clients may also be sought either by referral to a more experienced practitioner in your area.

11. Listings & referrals - Upon completion of a workshop, each student’s details are entered or updated in the Institute's worldwide database at Palm Beach, Florida. The International Association of Healthcare Practitioners maintains an annually updated worldwide directory of Upledger students and their attained level and specialty. To access this information use the link to