The Brain Speaks 1 – TBS1

CPD/CPE- 24 Hours

Full Fee $1300inc GST. The Saver Price of $1100 has been extended to the 10 Nov 2022.

Course Description

TBS utilizes all of the techniques and paradigms of CranioSacral Therapy, including direct palpation, all the techniques of Whole Body Evaluation, and Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue, to explore and work directly with the brain. TBS1 is a brain overview course that introduces a relationship with the brain and teaches students to work therapeutically with the brain and its parts.

Course Highlights

Upon completion of this course, participants will have;

• Receive detailed instruction in neuroanatomy, physiology and biochemical processes of neurological function

• Learn to palpate these brain parts and recognize dysfunction through direct palpation

• Work using palpation and therapeutic interventions to address these dysfunctions

• Use Therapeutic Imagery and Dialogue, when appropriate, to dialogue directly with the affected brain parts to affect a therapeutic outcome

Prerequisite: SER1

Required Reading

  • Hard copy version of A Brain Is Born, by Dr John Upledger. Available for $80inc GST. Email or call 0411 488198 to order.
  • Follow link to purchase an EBook version of the Cell Talk text book.
    Copy and paste this text EBOOK-A Brain Is Born into the search option at the top right of the screen and press GO to view the BIB Ebook. Sold in USD's

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