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Thomas Rosenkilde Rasmussen, PhD, MSc, CST-D

DSCF1385-3final5x7Thomas is an Upledger Diplomate Certified Therapist and reside in Copenhagen. The Upledger paradigm is at the central core of his manual medicine practice, where he treats a broad spectrum of clients.

Thomas presently teaches CS1, CS2, TBS1, TBS2, and a new class called Beyond the Cranial Base (BCB), developed by Thomas.

As the Director of Research for the Upledger Institute International, he works with science and development related to the core of CST. Thomas has a diverse background in science with a PhD degree in medicine, an MSc in chemistry, a BSc in Biochemistry, and a BSc in biology. He has worked with medical science and evidence-based medicine since 1994, publishing a high number of peer review scientific papers, abstracts, and proceedings.

His intention for each class is to bring together the experiences from the daily clinic, teaching, personal development and science, as it relates to the class.

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