Sandra J Howlett DC, CST-D

SandiprofileDr. Howlett (Sandi) is a 1987 graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, and spent the first 18 years of her professional career in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. She relocated to Peterborough, Ontario in September 2005. She currently spends part of each year in Truth or Consequences, NM, at Integrative Intentions Center, part of each year traveling for Integrative Therapy Programs and EcoSomatics Equine classes, and part of the year at her home base in Indian River, Ontario.
Sandi brings to the treatment table 23 years of CranioSacral Therapy experience. She has completed her Advanced 3 training, and often volunteers as an UI/IAHE teaching assistant from the introductory to advanced levels. In addition to CST/SER, Brain Curriculum, NM, VM, HCT,& LDT, she practices diversified chiropractic technique and is a formerly certified Active Release Techniques (ART) provider. This allows her maximum flexibility in what she can offer to her patients, allowing safe and effective treatment for patients of all ages - from newborn to the aged. Sandi is a core team member of Integrative Intentions. She is part of the administration, is a Therapy Team Coordinator, a Primary Therapist, and/or an Adjunct Therapist for Chiropractic and/or Equine Facilitated Therapy. More information on Integrative Therapy Programs is available at or She is also a North American Certified Animal Chiropractor. In addition to this animal skill set, Sandi is certified in EFLC (Equine Facilitated Learning & Coaching With Horses), where the horses are co-facilitators in the therapy session. This modality blends and melds beautifully with SER and HCT. In giving back to the horses, Sandi has also developed a class offered through UI/IAHE, for which she is the Instructor, called Eco-Somatics Equine. For more information, visit or She has also developed a CST for Small Animals class.
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