CS2 Study Group – Introduction to Working with Chronic Depletion

CPD/CPE- 6 Hours

Full Fee $270inc GST

Course Description

This one day study group will be cover the basics of material taught in Upledger CS1 and CS2 courses and provide time for question and answer as well as practice time for the CST practitioners. In addition to reviewing course material, this study group will also put special emphasis on material needed to truly get the most out of the CST working with chronic depletion course. As part of that emphasis, the instructor will also present some new material on palpating and treating lines of tension that will benefit the practice of any CST practitioner.

Course will be taught be veteran CST instructor Eric Moya CST-D, Ms/Mfct. Eric has 18 years experience teaching CST for the Upledger Institute as well as being the course developer for the CST working with chronic depletion course and the IAHE clinical mentor ship program.

Course Objectives

  • Review course material from CS1 and CS2
  • Highlight and spotlight skills particularly relevant to CST working with Chronic depletion
  • Articulate and perform the whole body evaluations from CS2
  • Be able to engage and identify soft tissue release
  • Be able to engage, identify, and treat soft tissue lines of tension
  • Be able to identify in words and in touch the CSR and Significance detector

Prerequisite: CS2

CS2 Study Group - Introduction to CST Working with Chronic Depletion - Course Dates
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EM-ResizeEric lives in Carmel, California and has practices in Carmel and San Francisco, California. Several times per year, Eric offers study groups in the Santa Cruz and Los Angeles areas. Eric enjoys working with people and helping them achieve their personal health goals using skills gleaned from various manual therapy approaches, counseling/facilitation/coaching approaches, and wisdom/philosophy practices. In all approaches, he has a chosen value of using the least invasive means possible to get the job done. Prior to moving to California in 2008, Eric founded and ran a clinic in Albuquerque, NM for many years called The Ripple Effect. Eric moved to California to join the mission based non-profit Esalen Institute and for five years, he served as the Director of Education there. During that time he oversaw numerous departments, including the advisors group and the healing arts teams. In mid-2012, he left his position at the Esalen Institute for the opportunity to return to the beauties of private practice and teaching. In addition to manual therapy clients, Eric works with clients (both in person and over the phone/skype) for practice supervision (for therapists) and individual facilitation (the general public).
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Date/Time 02/03/2018
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Location The Adina Apartment Hotel Sydney, 359 Crown St, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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