Newly Published Research on the CranioSacral Rhythm



Presentation Description

In this zoom event researcher Thomas Rasmussen, PhD, MSc, CST-D will present his recent scientific paper that pertains to the craniosacral rhythm.

Thomas's paper, a study exploring rhythmic oscillations of the human head, was published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies entitled Direct Measurement of the Rhythmic Motions of the Human Head Identifies a Third Rhythm by Thomas Rosenkilde Rasmussen and Karl Christian Meulengracht.

A central concept in CranioSacral Therapy, and at the same time controversial, is the concept of a unique rhythmic movement separate from arterial and respiratory rhythms. Palpation of this unique rhythm is used in treatment by a high number of therapists worldwide. A significant source of the criticism and controversy of both the existence and reported range of a unique rhythm in humans is the subjective approach to study rhythmic movements by palpation.

The aim of this study was;

  • To characterize the rhythmic movements on the head relating to the arterial, respiratory, and a possible third rhythm
  • To describe the nature of the third movement
  • To define the normative range of the third rhythm in humans using an objective method.

This research observed a third rhythm separate from arterial and respiratory rhythms, in humans. Thomas's presentation will go into detail about the results of the study and its implications concerning CranioSacral Therapy will be discussed.

Prerequisite: Open to manual therapists, healthcare professionals and students studying to become a professional manual therapist.

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