Clinical Application of CST & SomatoEmotional Release (CASR)

CPD/CPE- 30 Hours

Course Description

This five day course is designed to assist SomatoEmotional Release-trained practitioners sharpen their CST and SER skills. Classes are limited to just five participants, and are held in an informal clinical setting. In addition to treating ‘real-world’ clients using multi-hands CranioSacral Therapy, students will have the opportunity to receive treatment and deepen their skills as lead and co-therapists. Due to the small group setting, these classes are geared toward each students personal learning goals and provide an invaluable opportunity to gain specific and focused feedback.

Course Highlights

Upon completion of this course, participants will have:

  • Hone their expertise in blending with clients
  • Learned to better understand and read their client's body needs
  • Fine-tune palpation skills
  • Fine-tune whole body evaluation skills
  • Review the SER process, including locating and releasing energy cysts
  • Learn about integration of therapeutic imagery and dialogue
  • Delve into vector/axis integration and alignment, meridians and chakras
  • Participate in in-depth group discussions
  • Build confidence and skills in preparation for Techniques or Diplomate Certification testing.
  • Review other material of your choice related to CST and SER

Prerequisite: SER1 This course fulfills the Upledger Diplomate Certification requirement that candidates complete a 20-hour-minimum Preceptorship Program.

Clinical Application of CST & SomatoEmotional Release (CASR) Course Dates

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